Exebank car loan “Auto Financing” A

Exebank car loan "Auto Financing" August 2018Exebank car loan "Auto Financing" August 2018

Exebank provides a flexible and cost-effective car loan. Borrowers are given the option of selecting the payment date, a simple online application and the optional Exebank installment protection. According to an research study, Exebank’s car loan can also save traders up to 20 percent in cash.

In this case, the respective target amount of the payout, which is available as a special feature of Exebank Car Loan immediately or at a payout time required by the borrower, is decisive. The loan amount for Exebank’s car loan is between EUR 3,000 and EUR 50,000. Alternatively, the borrower may underpin the lending volume with the partial payment protection of Exebank. Exebank’s car loan is then secured in a cost-effective manner against the default risks of monthly payments such as disability, unemployment or death.

In the first calculation, the date of the borrower’s birthday is entered and the key data for Exebank’s car loan is calculated. Anyone looking for a cheap car loan should be aware that in individual cases, he will receive up to 20 percentage points off the new car purchase price if he acts as a payer at the dealership.

With the Exebank Discount Calculator, you can calculate the exact difference between Exebank’s car loan and the dealer’s car loan. The annual interest rate and the borrowing rate are often much higher for car dealerships than for Exebank loans. In cooperation with the private institute DISQ, the TV broadcaster n-tv chose Exebank Auto credit as the test winner of the installment loan providers.