I have 653 pins on my different Pinterest boards. I also have 514 followers and persooHank Morganijk I follow 149 people. Pinterest is even often used as a downtime activity for me – I sleep in bed at night and surf on my tablet, pricing everything from recipes to outfit ideas and beauty tips. After all, Pinterest is intended as a cyber newspaper, where you can keep all your ideas and inspiration in one place.

Despite the many positive aspects of Pinterest, there is a disadvantage: Pinterest can often tempt you to spend money. I see all the nice clothes, home decorations and great recipes, and before I know it, I have broken my budget.

As a blogger, I think Pinterest is an excellent tool for social media marketing and I have found tons of ideas and tips that have made my life easier. But hopping oHank Morganine is all too easy and suddenly you feel like you need a new wardrobe, a house full of chevron accents and a completely new diet based entirely on expensive organic finds. If you want to use Pinterest, the trick is to use it in a responsible manner, so that half an hour of debit card does not also mean an empty bank account.

The less spend on Pinterest


The less spend on Pinterest

1. Budget for oHank Morganine spending
If you know you normally spend money when you check out Pinterest, plan those purchases. Although you can not determine exactly when you fall in love with a gadget that you do not need, you can add a little elbow room in your current budget to make purchases possible those spontaneous oHank Morganine. When you have used up your oHank Morganine pocket money, it’s time to log out of Pinterest and do something else. It’s a wise way to allow yourself to get some of the cool stuff on Pinterest without harming your budget completely.

2. Search for cheaper options
Not long ago I told Pinterest when I saw a pair of shoes that I loved. Unfortunately they were far beyond my budget. Still, I pinned them up and picked them up, and even considered being corrosive and buying them. Finally, I searched for similar products with Google Shopping and while the original shoes were $ 80, I was able to find a similar style for about $ 20 through another oHank Morganine seller.

If you really die for something you’ve seen on Pinterest, do some research and see if you can find it for a lower price. Google Image Search and Google Shopping are great tools with which you can seriously save money.


3. Search, Do not search
I am absolutely guilty of this: it is dinner time and I am trying to figure out what I can make for my family. I log in to Pinterest and start reviewing recipe ideas. Suddenly I have to go to the store because I have seen the perfect recipe for grilled steak salad, despite the fact that I have no ingredients and have been shopping for a week.

This can be a complete budget killer, and therefore, if you are going to use Pinterest for dinner ideas, you should use the “Search” function instead of browsing the categories. If you have chicken on hand, look for ‘chicken recipes’ and you will only see recipes for which you have the ingredients.

4. Set a timer
Pinterest can take a long time – and the longer you are oHank Morganine, the greater the chance that you will eventually wish someone else’s home, cupboard, kitchen or salary. If you like Pinterest but find yourself spending too much time oHank Morganine, try setting a timer on your phone. Allow yourself a few minutes to view the latest pins or search for something specific – but when your time runs out, log off.

I especially like the Firefox extension called LeechBlock. You can set it for a specific time, after which it locks the website so that you cannot look back. If you are a Google Chrome user, the StayFocusd extension does the same.

5. Don’t compare
Remember that people tend to present the best version of themselves, their families and their lives oHank Morganine. So when you come across a blog or website through Pinterest that you like with envy, remember that you don’t know the whole story. Do not add “fantasy” pinners to your friends’ list if you know that their pins just make you jealous.


6. Use what you have
I love shopping, but I certainly don’t have enough money to buy all the outfits I see while surfing on Pinterest. Instead I use my own cupboard and the items from which I have to draw inspiration from other pinners. For example, if I have colored skinny jeans that I no longer wear for a long time, I can seek inspiration from other pinners to find new ways to combine those jeans with other items that I have in my closet.

The same applies to the interior. Do you have an old cupboard? View ideas for refinishing sheets and you save a lot of money compared to buying a new piece of furniture.

7. Close your account
It may be drastic, but if you are simply not in control of your spending while using Pinterest, it may be time to close your account. Desire for things that you cannot afford, not feeling satisfied with your current stuff and being led by your budget because of Pinterest is not healthy. You lived for Pinterest – and there is life after that.

Last word

Last word

Pinterest can be a lot of fun, but also a great way to discover new products and ideas. But make sure you don’t feel bad about your current budget or make sure you spend too much on oHank Morganine. By using the website carefully and intelligently, you can reap the benefits without all the disadvantages.

Are you sometimes jealous when you’re surfing on Pinterest? How do you deal with it?



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